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      HYTORC is used more often, by more industries on more applications than all other brands combined. Worldwide Warranty “YOU BREAK IT UNDER NORMAL USE.... WE FIX IT FREE OF CHARGE”
ICE Torque Wrenches
Multi-Use System.
The ICE works with all HYTORC bolting systems including tensioning with the  HYTORC Nut, the HYTORC Washer, and the revolutionary new Z-Washer.
The HYTORC ICE releases pressure after bolting for quick and easy movement from  nut to nut and increased operator safety.
The HYTORC ICE™ square drive Torque/Tension Bolting Machine is equipped with inter-changeable, interacting, coaxial driving and holding sockets for 360 degree tool fit, and an automatic secondary pawl release without need of external lever.
Auto-Release Bolting System.
Total-Freedom Uniswivel.
The HYTORC ICE is the world’s only hydraulic bolting system that allows for positioning without the constraints normally associated with hydraulic hoses.